Verein Kunst­schaffende
der Atelier­genossenschaft Basel

Ausstellung: KURS

“Nothing will have taken place but the place except perhaps a constellation.” Mallarmé

By entering the exhibition KURS at Atelierhaus Klingental you find yourself in a new situation of navigation. It’s the process of orientation by finding your position within space and time, as well as controlling your movements from one place to another, keeping track of a variety of artistic ideas and concept which tell us about the time and society we are living in – or how we can imagine ways to future times and societies. The landscape you are moving in at this point is shaped by the works of sixteen young artists from different art schools in Vienna, Prague and Basel. There is obviously no direct path from origin to destination, neither in the space itself nor in the way the exhibition is put together because the nature of its constellation is deeply experimental and embraces both the unknown and the temporary. The title KURS refers to direction, movement, behavior, to ideas one can observe, pursue, enact. Taking course means taking action, it implies the intention to develop and proceed. In this sense all participating artists are using their own techniques of navigation, using their individual artistic practices and the variety of materials and media as a compass and as goods, since this project may be perceived also as a field where themes and values of different forms of art education are being negotiated. - Alice Wilke

The project is curated by Martin Chramosta (artist, member of Atelierhaus Klingental / Raum 103, Basel), Jakub Jansa (artist, lecturer FAMU, Prague), Peter Fritzenwallner (artist, assistant Klasse Transmediale Kunst, Vienna), Alice Wilke (curator, assistant Institut Kunst HGK FHNW, Basel).

Klappfon Festival im Atelierhaus Klingental

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